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*Each guild member is expected to respect other guild members.
*We also expect guild members to respect everyone outside the guild, regardless of guild, ability, etc. When you join Storm Lords, you will represent us in the Black Desert Community! Please represent us well.

If you are accepted, your first two weeks will be in the trial phase. During this two week period, please comply to our rules. We reserve the right to ask you to leave within good reason.

Guild Rules

1. Team speak is essential. All members are required to be logged in whilst game is loaded and be either in a Voice Channel, Quiet Channel, or Afk Channel.
(also respect the ratings on channels for appropriate language)

2. Activity of 10,000 pts is required per fortnightly cycles.

3. Negative TS chat or Guild typing is to be avoided at all costs. No-one likes Negative whingers or whiners. Keep it positive and edifying :).
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