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Greensteel Aspects
Aspect Main Focus Focus Enchantment I
(Caster Lvl 16)
Enchantment II; (Weapon) Enchantment II (Accessory)
Fire Fire Fire Delayed Blast Fireball x3 Incineration Incineration Guard
Earth Earth Earth Summon Dense Earth Elemental x2 Earth Grab Good Guard*
Air Air Air Haste x3 Air Guard Air Guard
Water Water Water Panacea x3 Crushing Wave Crushing Wave Guard
Positive Positive Positive True Ressurection x1 Greater Disruption Greater Disruption Guard
Negative Negative Negative Symbol of Weakness x2 Slay living Slay living Guard
Magma Fire Earth Meteor Swarm x1 Magma Surge Magma Surge Guard
Smoke Fire Air Displacement x2 Smoke Screen Smoke Screen
Tempered Water Fire +7 Intimidate / +7 Repair / +10 Concentration / +12 Hardness / +120 Durability Elemental Mastery Elemental Mastery Guard
Radiance Fire Positive Sunburst x2 Radiance Radiance Guard
Ash Fire Negative Waves of Fatigue x3 Enervation Enervation Guard
Balance of Land/Sky Earth Air +3 Deflection / +3 Resistance / +10 Balance Elemental Mastery Elemental Mastery Guard
Ooze Water Earth Cloudkill x3 Sundering Ooze Sundering Ooze Guard
Mineral Earth Positive StoneSkin x2 Transmuting/Slicing/
Heavy Fortification / Protection+5
Dust Earth Negative Disintergrate x2 Disintergration Disintergration Guard
Ice Air Water Polar Ray x2 Freezing Ice Freezing Ice Guard
Lightning Air Positive Chain Lightning x3 Lightning Strike Lightning Storm Guard
Vacuum Air Negative Destruction x2 Trap The Soul Trap The Soul Guard
Steam Water Positive Solid Fog x3 Steam Steam Guard
Salt Water Negative Horrid Wilting x2 Corrosive Salt Corrosive Salt Guard
Existential Stalemate Positive Negative Wisdom +6 / Diplomacy+10 / Haggle +10 Concordant Opposition Concordant Opposition

Upgrading a Straight Focus Path: (Air,Fire,Water,Earth,Positive,Negative)

To Upgrade a straight focus path, just add an imbued supreme shard of the same focus. Eg Air+Air , just add more Air.

Upgrading a Para/Quasi Path: (Magma,Smoke,Radiance,Ash,Ooze,Mineral,Dust,Ice,Lightning,Vacuum,Salt,Steam)

To Upgrade a Para or Quasi Aspect you need to make a combined shard. This is done by using the same Gem and the same Essence, but different Foci. The two different foci must be the foci for the Para/Quasi Aspect you want to upgrade.

Imbued supreme shard (Gem/Essence/Main Focus)
Imbued supreme shard (Gem/Essence/Focus)

To Combine the two imbued supreme shards , place them both in the altar with a high energy cell. This Will make an Imbued Supreme Shard of:
(Gem/Essence/Main Focus with aspect of xxx)

This combined imbued supreme shard is then added to the greensteel base as normal to achieve the second aspect enchantment.

Upgrading a Special Path: (Tempered,Balance,Existential Stalemate)

Existential Stalemate upgrades the same as Para/Quasi using an Existential Stalemate combined shard.
Balance of Land/Sky uses a Tempered shard to upgrade.
Tempered  uses a Balance Shard to upgrade.