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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 27, 2017)
good times.. i see now that spart may have not said as many bad things as was said he did.. theycalled likes to lie on things.. sorry raidon i was just doing what i thought you would want to protect the clannies. is all i wanted to do man
(Apr 23, 2017)
Some of us are still playing or have returned to DDO. Still the best gaming experiences Ive had, have been with Storm Lords. Thank you Raidin.
(Mar 23, 2017)
yes let me know as well
(Aug 21, 2016)
hey guys what teamspeak are you using now? ive been trying to get in touch with you for a minute.. i miss my old peeps.
(Aug 09, 2016)
mail sent yer way, hope to hear from ya again bud
(Aug 09, 2016)
Yo, Raiden, it's your old pal Gaulston...any1 home?
(Jun 14, 2016)
me and some of the old peeps are playing ESO... its fun and therew is ALOT more content now.. lots more stable too. you guys should check it out.
(May 13, 2016)
they are on the UNO server, I am taking a break for studies myself but I will be back.
(Apr 27, 2016)
I am taking a possibly perm break from DDO but I am def joining BDO what BDO server you guys on?
(Apr 22, 2016)
Left Storm Lords, thank you everyone for some of the best gaming experiences ive ever had in the past 6 years. Goodluck to everyone and take care all, have fun and play on!
(Apr 11, 2016)
hey raidin chuks is asking for the new teamspeak info.
(Apr 11, 2016)
because it was based on sparts teamspeak
(Apr 01, 2016)
how come teamspeak is down??
(Mar 25, 2016)
Power Supply Went Out Waiting on new one
(Feb 21, 2016)
hey guys got a post up about an class assignment if anyone cuold help it will be great ty
(Feb 18, 2016)
debating on weither or not to come back, is ddo dead?
(Feb 13, 2016)
yeah too bad youve decided to keep spart.. and keep blaming thumpum.. im done raidon. keep your guild im not being in one with that asshat.
(Feb 06, 2016)
come on back to ddo cheat , got some good plans
(Feb 04, 2016)
About damned time. Dloading client now.