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(Jan 29, 2016)
yup back in the saddle
(Jan 26, 2016)
Welcome back mate. good to see.
(Jan 25, 2016)
RaIdon is back on. Come on back guys. ill be runniong a little more when i can. not playing as core as i used to but i have time for some raids.
(Jan 10, 2016)
dont forget about TeSO
(Jan 10, 2016)
nah just the intemission from ddo till the next best shapoopie
(Jan 09, 2016)
Me, bam, krey and a few others are all in a new guild, Final Destiny Heaven. Spart just hangs silent. Still warframing? Checked out Black Desert yet? Coming soon!
(Jan 09, 2016)
so no word from da boss huh? looks like shapoopies all gone
(Dec 21, 2015)
im not.. have fun guys. game is done.
(Dec 18, 2015)
Im still around guys! Just very busy with my move to Texas! Will try to pop on when i can!
(Nov 06, 2015)
Renaming and he is ragin beo. But i think the noob channel is spartalas.
(Nov 06, 2015)
Im banned from it lol. He didnt like my channel
(Nov 05, 2015)
the sparta one !
(Nov 04, 2015)
The spart teamspeak or wardrame?
(Nov 02, 2015)
yes I lost the teamspeak login as well .. What is it ?
(Nov 02, 2015)
Raiiiiidon where are you man?
(Oct 31, 2015)
also cheatcode im a hhelper admin.. not mod of the site.
(Oct 31, 2015)
Raidon.. your guild has been hijacked by pikers.. come back.!!!
(Oct 30, 2015)
Hey Raidon we need to talk asp
(Oct 29, 2015)
Raidin we need you back in a big way bro! PLEASE log in!
(Oct 28, 2015)
whats are team speak login----superbee here