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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Feb 17, 2015)
I n washington fucking great silver super haze 9000
(Feb 10, 2015)
saw anoob on the other nite.
(Feb 08, 2015)
wondering if my mobo had less than 3 tb limit on mem? cant be bc i have 16gb of ram.. most models can support like 5tb
(Feb 08, 2015)
doing vid and gfx drivers now.. tranfsferring data to my 2 1tb drives for now.. 3tb is in bios but not my computer
(Feb 08, 2015)
partially up and running
(Feb 08, 2015)
Been trying to install TeamSpeak but it doesnt seem to want to Work with the os i have (Win. 8.1) any sugguestions?
(Feb 08, 2015)
I'm reinstalling windowson an old drive got 4 tb of storage and 2.5 fir whatevs now
(Jan 31, 2015)
no worries x 12mnths is the dangerzone thesedayz
(Jan 30, 2015)
also on feb 15th to 25th or so ill be in hawaii
(Jan 30, 2015)
no worries eclipse.. SL is home. family stays.. casuals roll out
(Jan 25, 2015)
going out of town for a week for training. see you guys next week.
(Jan 24, 2015)
Shoutout to Raid for not kicking me after 8 months of not playing, thanks aha(:
(Jan 22, 2015)
I was able to solo 2 BAMs (Big Ass Monsters) at once!
(Jan 22, 2015)
Woot! You will love it! P.S. Raist I got my zerker to 20, my NEW favorite class!
(Jan 22, 2015)
ya coming next week
(Jan 22, 2015)
Tera is fun. I just do t have alot of playtime anymore
(Jan 21, 2015)
Raidin where are you? You have to join us in Tera Online!
(Jan 20, 2015)
Will catch everyone back in game week after next...taking forever for the Internet to be set up at my new place...and they wont let me install the game on the computers in the office :p
(Jan 15, 2015)
Seriously guys you have to try Tera! I was up till 3am last night playing!