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(Jan 13, 2015)
Found the most awesome FTP game ever while waiting for update 25! its freaking awesome!
(Jan 09, 2015)
was just wondering when im goin to get my guild invite via mail!? im hopeing its soon! cant wait to be apart of the stome lords!
(Jan 08, 2015)
hey all dont know when i will will get back in game my laptop took a dump and using the wifes and she said i cant not download the game to her laptop waiting for a new one in the mail
(Dec 26, 2014)
ho ho
(Dec 24, 2014)
Merry christmas storm lords
(Dec 18, 2014)
Yesh its rly laggish recentlyl. Alot of nonresponsive client
(Dec 13, 2014)
I am logging in now, the new items seem kinda meh compared to last update items though.
(Dec 13, 2014)
(Dec 12, 2014)
i loaded up the update. how the new module? is it worth buying?
(Dec 09, 2014)
also shapoopie has gotten some nice trim bacon
(Dec 09, 2014)
yeah i went to login and check some ah stuffs but i lagged out and the client crashed. havent looked back since
(Dec 05, 2014)
nope cant even load up the launcher.. server down
(Dec 05, 2014)
Tested the new Barbarian stuff, their self healing is amazing now but dps, saves, prr/mrr is still meh. Paladin build still kicking butt though so I guess I will stick with it. Kinda bummed, I enjoy creating new builds each update.
(Nov 20, 2014)
Glad i dropped that hoe
(Nov 20, 2014)
(Nov 19, 2014)
BTW trade in your aniversyer cards now, the cruncher wont work after update 24
(Nov 19, 2014)
still stuck with 60hr weeks at work , sigh hopefuly back to normal in a week or so
(Nov 18, 2014)
I got the warframe fever and all i need is moar cowdots
(Nov 18, 2014)
Im knee deep in warframe otherwise id wade into dota raidon